Marketing Toolkit

We provide you with an action plan to develop, produce and measure the effectiveness of marketing, sales and internal communications programs. Optionally, we will also manage and implement an entire program or any individual program component.

Based on your organization’s specific goals, our recommendations will involve one or several proprietary “tools” we’ve developed through our extensive experience in the LTC industry. Taken together, we call these proven programs and systems our “marketing toolkit.”

The Marketing Roadmap™

Used to gather the key information and data needed to understand your particular challenges and opportunities, the The Marketing Roadmap™ is a unique process based on proprietary best practices. The result of this process is the Business Development Report, a detailed, actionable plan that clearly identifies realistic opportunities to make the best use of your resources and improve performance.

Quick Start Marketing System™

Developed for organizations that need immediate marketing support, the Quick Start Marketing System™ allows you to choose from the LTC industry’s largest library of proven effective promotional materials. These pre-produced materials and complete promotional campaigns are ideal for building your brand image and increasing awareness among referral sources, consumers, discharged short term patients and staff.

Relationship Builder Programs™

In today’s highly competitive environment, cultivating relationships, whether they are with referral sources, the community, or internal audiences, is key to long-term success. Relationship Builder Programs™ are targeted, specialized, ongoing outreach promotions that deliver the right messages to the right audiences to enhance your image, and turn strangers into friends and friends into referral sources.

i-Market Expander™

More than just a pretty face, it’s a web site designed specifically for LTC providers. This hard working tool can help increase admissions, build census and communicate an organization’s expertise and attributes in a cost-effective, compelling way. The i-Market Expander™ is a state of the art LTC web site that is tested and proven. If you’d like to “test drive” this powerful online vehicle for yourself, click here and take a free spin.

Customer Service Assurance Program™

Consistent, high quality customer service can build exceptional satisfaction levels among residents, patients, families and staff members, which generates positive word of mouth and enhances your bottom line. This customized program is based upon your organization’s core values and provides an approach that starts with the hiring process and continues to reinforce the importance of striving for 100% satisfaction.

If you'd like to learn more about how we can help your organization, email a member of our team or call us at 1-877-725-6774.


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