Consulting Services Overview

Based on our thirty years of experience working exclusively with senior care providers, we offer focused marketing consulting services that solve specific problems, generate more revenue and increase profitability.

We ask those tough questions that focus on key factors that influence your inquiries, referrals and admissions. Our answers bring greater efficiency to your marketing operations and often the investment is no more than what you are currently spending to keep your building full.

Increase revenue by attracting more and better paying admissions…

How can you capitalize on your strengths to attract more admissions? What can you do to ensure that referral sources understand your clinical capabilities and successful outcomes? Are you receiving your Fair Market Share of Medicare referrals and how can you maximize your Medicare revenue? Our unique toolkit of LTC consulting services is designed to help you maximize these opportunities to increase admissions and improve payor mix.

Improve profitability by optimizing spending and capturing the full value of every inquiry, referral and admission…

What should you do to increase ROI on your investment in marketing and sales? What can you do to fully utilize your family members and staff to generate positive word-of-mouth? How can you increase the performance of your outreach staff? What can you do to convert more inquiries and referrals into admissions? Our Best Practices-based consulting services will provide the answers to these important questions and allow you to gain both a competitive advantage and sustainable results for maximum profitability.

If you'd like to learn more about our Consulting Services email a member of our team or call us at 1-877-725-6774.

  1. Converting Inquiries to Admissions
  2. Enhancing Community Relations
  3. Reducing SNF Re-hospitalization


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