The CCRC: Independent & Assisted Living Marketing Roadmap™

When it comes to achieving marketing and sales objectives and the unique challenges facing CCRC's, the key to finding the right solution is to focus on the right issues. How can you be sure the issues you’ve targeted are really the right ones?

We believe that questions are the answer. That’s what our Marketing Roadmap™ is all about. Insightful questions. Intelligent listening. Revealing CCRC evaluations based on proprietary best practices. This unique process is designed specifically to help senior communities increase inquiries, move-ins, revenue and profits. The program also provides valuable focus on potential healthcare reform and the impact on future operations.

Once completed, the results are synthesized into a Business Development Report™. This detailed, actionable plan provides clearly stated, objective interpretations of the findings. It separates perceptions from reality, defines needs, and identifies realistic opportunities to make the best use of your human and financial resources in order to deliver improved performance.

The CCRC: Independent & Assisted Living Marketing Roadmap focuses on the following 11-point study process that reviews the major variables impacting the efficiency of corporate marketing on individual buildings.

  1. Branding and Strategic Positioning Evaluation
    Does your campus brand accurately reflect your community’s capabilities and/or mission? Does your positioning effectively highlight your competitive advantages? If not, what should your brand image and positioning be?
  2. Inquiry/Referral Source Review and Analysis
    Where are your inquiries/referrals coming from? Are there patterns that suggest a change in who is the influencer and/or decision maker?
  3. Resident Profiling
    Who are your residents? Does the profile of your resident match national trends? How can we use this information to your advantage in creating the marketing strategy and plan?
  4. Campus Movement Analysis
    What is the process for residents moving to different levels of care on the campus? Are you taking full advantage of the recent national trends relating to movement from short-term rehab to other levels of care on the campus, as well as the increasing number of couples simultaneously requiring different levels of care?
  5. Sales Cycle Evaluation
    Are you experiencing changes in your sales cycle, the amount of time from initial inquiry to move in? Do you have a process in place to maintain the sales process during the sales cycle time frame?
  6. Market Demographics
    Who are truly your best prospects? Where are they located? What amenities/services are in greatest demand? Which ones are being over/under utilized?
  7. Market Competitive Review
    Who are your competitors? What are their strengths and weaknesses? Where are the market “soft spots” and how can you capitalize on them?
  8. Physical Plant Review
    How well does your campus present to prospects? What changes can be made to enhance a visitor’s initial impression, improve the tour experience and increase move-ins?
  9. Current Marketing and Sales Activities
    Is your marketing program and promotional material appropriate for the marketplace and the assets of the campus? Is there a documented marketing plan with an appropriate monitoring system in place to evaluate results and ROI?
  10. Web Site and Digital Marketing
    Is your building’s website consumer friendly and feature the technology that allows the site to stand out and get found on the web? Are you taking full advantage of the power of the web through digital programming to increase inquiries and admissions?
  11. Resident, Patient and Staff Satisfaction Surveys
    Are you getting the most from word of mouth referrals? Reviewing existing surveys helps identify opportunities for enhancing word of mouth inquires/referrals.

If you'd like to learn more about the The CCRC: Independent & Assisted Living Marketing Roadmap™,
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