Build and communicate a positive brand image
using these marketing best practices


Our Best Practices “wheel” is the result of nearly 30 years of working with LTC organizations. It reflects a wide range of best practices in marketing, communications and operational programs used by successful providers to leverage their reputation to optimize inquiries, referrals, admissions, and census.

In the “hub” of our “wheel” are specific marketing initiatives that will work to communicate your brand image and establish your reputation throughout the community. Surrounding the “hub” are four “quadrants” (numbered 1-4). Each identifies LTC Best Practices that contribute to creating your reputation as a preferred provider of quality care:

  • The first quadrant (1-2) are best practices to attract more inquiries and referrals
  • The second quadrant (2-3) reflects activities to convert more inquires and referrals to admissions
  • Quadrant 3-4 identifies programs and practices that work to improve satisfaction as well as increase retention of residents and short-term patients
  • The last quadrant, (4-1), are programs and activities that will work to generate positive word-of-mouth


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