Re-positioning these 8 Illinois SNFs using a referral source
and community marketing campaign increased revenue
performance by over $1 million


The Challenge:

This chain of eight SNFs had a long history of providing quality long-term care. However, they were not receiving sufficient Medicare Part A referrals to meet projections.

Our Approach:

Using our proprietary Marketing Roadmap™ process, a market analysis revealed a significant up-side opportunity for increasing market share for Medicare admissions. However, to capture that opportunity, the buildings had to overcome the fact that after many years of providing traditional LTC, the buildings were not positioned (nor perceived) to be providers of short-term rehab or sub-acute care.

The Solution:

First, an aggressive campaign was launched around the theme: “Mastering the Art of Rehabilitation.” Based on testimonials that demonstrated both successful outcomes and high levels of satisfaction, this campaign combined both referral source promotion and a consumer initiative that re-positioned the buildings as experts in senior care. This repositioning was reinforced with the addition of expanded clinical capabilities.

The Result:

Combining aggressive promotion with expanded capabilities resulted in a 14% increase in Medicare Part A census and a 32% increase in Medicare Part A stays, while maintaining a consistent average total census of 89%. Total revenue performance increased by over $1 million.


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