A multi-media image and awareness campaign
increased admissions by 30% for this North Carolina SNF


The Challenge:

Upon completion of a two-year facility-wide renovation project, this 154-bed facility in suburban Raleigh, NC, wanted to quickly fill almost twice as many Medicare beds and private rooms as were available prior to the renovations.

Our Approach:

As a long standing client, they had already established their brand image as a leading provider of high quality short-term and long-term care. They were able to leverage that image when they needed a rapid fill-up after the long construction process. All it took was an aggressive awareness campaign to create a buzz in the market to attract more admissions.


The Solution:

The campaign strategy was built around the theme: “Think the Best. Think Hillcrest.” That message was distributed in a multi-media campaign to re-introduce the facility. This included a gala kick-off event for the trade, followed by ongoing trade promotions coupled with a consumer advertising campaign.


The Result:

In just three months, Hillcrest increased admissions by over 30% and the expanded Medicare Unit with 40 beds is at capacity, and all private rooms are filled.


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