An aggressive promotion to re-position this Pennsylvania
chain of SNFs increased revenues by over $1.75 million


The Challenge:

Increase Medicare referrals and census for the 18 SNFs in this chain of small privately-owned facilities. Most of the buildings are located in small rural markets, often serving those markets for decades as traditional long-term care providers. To complicate matters, many of them shared the same service areas and referral sources with at least one of their “sister” buildings.

Our Approach:

Evaluation of the branding and positioning of the buildings was achieved using our proprietary Marketing Roadmap™ process. It revealed a need to both enhance the brand image and re-position the buildings as credible providers of short-term rehabilitation and sub-acute care. Informing both the local markets and referral sources of the buildings’ clinical capabilities and credibility was identified as the primary focus for the marketing strategy.

The Solution:

A basic re-positioning of the facilities was undertaken which introduced the corporate parent organization to provide clinical credibility, while at the same time emphasizing the individual small facilities’ commitment to personalized care. Staff development programs were provided on a wide-range of Medicare Part A related issues, including evaluating denials and increasing conversions of referrals to admissions.

The Result:

During the first twelve months of this campaign, Medicare Part A referrals increased by over 10% and admissions increased by 12% system-wide and Medicare revenues increased by over $1.75 million.

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