Take Our Self Assessment

Without exception, our clients find that the best way to tap into our experience is to help us to clearly understand the issues they're facing. Only when armed with that knowledge can we get to the root of the problem.

Answering the following questions will better define the particular challenges you're confronting and help us arrive at a true diagnosis.

Frustrated with the loss of revenue from having empty beds? If yes, ask yourself...

  • Does my facility have a demonstrable competitive advantage in the marketplace?
  • Does my marketing budget provide adequate exposure for all my buildings?
  • Do I hold my marketing firm accountable for verifying that I'm getting a reasonable return on my marketing investment?
  • Do I have a formal plan in place for maintaining regular contact with all significant referral sources in my area?

Upset that you’re not realizing the financial benefits of increased Medicare admissions? If yes, ask yourself...

  • Do area hospitals understand the full scope of my organization's rehab and sub-acute services?
  • Have I fully explored both marketing and operational obstacles to my facility's success?
  • Does my current "brand" image support my desired position as a provider of Medicare Part A services?
  • Do my marketing materials reinforce my desired image among the trade and consumers in my marketplace?

Disappointed that some of your buildings are not performing as well as others? If yes, ask yourself...

  • Have I conducted an effective review of my buildings' clinical capabilities, environment, staff attitudes and resident/families' satisfaction levels lately?
  • Am I getting full value from my corporate brand in all my buildings?
  • Have I established specific and realistic goals for each of my facilities and is progress toward those objectives being tracked accurately?
  • Am I effectively promoting those aspects of my buildings' care and capabilities that set them apart from the competition?

Tired of talking about your revenue challenges without anyone really listening or understanding? If yes, ask yourself...

  • Do I have an actionable plan in place to tap new revenue opportunities or enhance current case mix?
  • Is my marketing firm experienced in the LTC business to understand how to attract the kinds of referrals and achieve the market share I need to reach corporate revenue goals?
  • Do I have systems in place to accurately track and measure performance of the organization’s marketing activities in terms of ROI??

Dissatisfied with the return on investment from your current marketing program? If yes, ask yourself...

  • Does my organization have a truly differentiating position in the marketplace?
  • Are my marketing programs coordinated with my sales efforts?
  • Is my marketing budget sufficient to place my organization on equal footing with other operators in my marketplace?
  • Am I changing marketing directions frequently?

Discouraged that over-bedding in your market is adding to the pressure to keep you own beds full? If yes, ask yourself...

  • Am I focusing on the core values that differentiate my organization from the competition?
  • Is our current image positioning the organization in the most advantageous competitive light?
  • Are we taking full advantage of the internet and other new marketing opportunities that are available?
  • Is the perception created by that image consistent with the reality of our operations?

If your answer to any of these questions is “yes” or if you’re just not sure… Email or Call Us at 1-877-725-6774. A brief chat with our president, David Schild, may be of real value. Spend a few minutes discussing your specific situation, and then you decide if a more in-depth review may help relieve your frustration.

  1. Converting Inquiries to Admissions
  2. Enhancing Community Relations
  3. Reducing SNF Re-hospitalization


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