A Few Words About Marketing Dynamics

You’re about to embark on a fresh start. Whether it’s consulting, strategizing, full-service marketing planning and/or program implementation that you may need, you’ve come to the right place.

Marketing Dynamics specializes in working with LTC organizations to build census, enhance case mix and increase revenue. Typically, our clients were frustrated with the loss of revenue from having empty beds or apartments. Our SNF clients are often most concerned with not capturing enough high-revenue Medicare short-term rehab admissions in their skilled buildings. Many were struggling to quickly develop a plan to take advantage of the opportunities to increase census resulting from the re-hospitalization issue. For our CCRC clients, they are now concerned how the housing market has impacted their ability to fill their independent living buildings, struggling with certain buildings not producing as well as another and/or are dissatisfied with the ROI from their current marketing program.

Working exclusively in LTC for 30 years, we have developed a Best Practices toolkit of proven methodology that incorporates marketing, sales and operational strategies. Our services include short-term marketing consulting projects and full service marketing programs that encompass strategic planning, program development, the design of marketing & sales collateral materials, and, implementation & monitoring programs to maximize ROI. For immediate marketing support, our Quick Start Marketing Program™ provides immediate marketing relief combining award winning proven strategies with unmatched cost- effectiveness.

The bottom line. Our programs are created to leverage your organization’s capabilities and to empower each building to take control of their marketing and sales program resulting in increased admissions and enhanced profits.

Marketing Dynamics’ ability to bring the focus and apply the know-how, creativity, and skills that many organizations require – comes from extensive experience partnering with senior care facilities, corporations and communities throughout the country. Altogether, this makes our learning curve short, understanding deep, skills finely honed, and, critical thinking clear and on target.

If you feel that this type of specialized expertise and unique knowledge could be of value to your organization, we’d very much like to speak with you. Call our Help Line at 877-725-6774 or click here.

We believe our effective solutions will enable you to exceed expectations.

  1. Converting Inquiries to Admissions
  2. Enhancing Community Relations
  3. Reducing SNF Re-hospitalization


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