• Focus on Census-Leading Indicators

    Optimize the value of your marketing investment; focus on tracking and managing census-leading indicators.

    Your organization should consistently and accurately track inquiries/referrals, conversions, admissions, CMI, LOS and satisfaction.  You'll be surprised how much value this can generate.  By establishing a process-based system to capture this information, you can use that data to improve performance, enhance revenue and boost your bottom line.

  • Focus on the first 72 hours

    Consider developing a “First 72 Hour Program” in your building(s) that focuses added attention on the resident and their family during the critically important transition into your facility.  Promptly answering their questions, exhibiting a positive, reassuring attitude and having every department head meet the family/resident will put you on the path to having a satisfied customer who spreads positive word-of-mouth.

  • Share Patient & Resident Satisfaction...You’ve Earned It!

    Tracking and sharing resident and patient satisfaction is essential for today’s SNFs and CCRCs. Much like reading an online product or service review, consumers and referral sources want to be assured that others are happy and content with the care and service provided at a LTC facility. Sharing positive satisfaction results, remarks or letters through methods like email blasts to family members, direct mail to the trade or simply posting it to your website will build a positive reputation for your organization and help put you top of mind for the next tour, referral or admission.