Keeping track of your primary competitors and marketplace trends is essential to your long-term success!


A.   The volume changes of your hospital’s Medicare discharges to SNFs from year to year. Learn whether the Medicare market in your area is growing or shrinking. Is your marketplace more competitive than ever? We analyze this data and consult with you to gain additional insight into the marketplace and your hospital’s operations. We can then pinpoint the variables that have impacted these trends, such as an increased focus on discharging to home health care providers or an increase in Managed Care utilization. This analysis and consultation session will provide you with the data-driven insights to make better informed marketing decisions.

B.   Your market share of Medicare admissions as compared to your primary and secondary competitors. Clearly see how you stack up against your competition – are you leading the pack in terms of volume and percentage of admissions, or are you falling behind? This analysis will provide you with the insight you need to determine why you may not be getting your “fair share” and how you can better position yourself to get more value from your referring hospitals. Our consultation will help identify the opportunities and challenges in your marketplace, an exercise that will help you increase or even “steal” market share.

C.   The types of Medicare patients being discharged from hospitals to SNFs in terms of primary diagnosis. Are any SNFs admitting a higher percentage of admissions for a specific diagnosis? Do they specialize in or provide unique services for the condition? Does the data demonstrate an opportunity to focus on a particular care service that will differentiate you in the market? What are the trends in terms of volume of discharges by diagnosis? For example, we are seeing a decline nationally in the volume of orthopedic patients being discharged to SNFs, while discharges of cardio-pulmonary patients are increasing. This analysis will highlight your hospital’s trends and give you the data you need to better position yourself in the marketplace.

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