Branding & Name Recognition

  • Focus on adult children of seniors

    Begin building relationships and positive word-of-mouth among adult children of seniors in your community before their parents need your services. Consider offering caregiver support programs and creating intergenerational educational partnerships with local schools and houses of worship to help predispose these future decision-makers to your facility and its services.

  • Focus on building community relationships

    Invite local men's and women's clubs and organizations to hold their regular meetings in your facility. This is an excellent way to build relationships with the community and generate positive word of mouth. It also provides the opportunity for any residents that may have been associated with those groups to enjoy taking part in the meetings once again.

  • Get Found and Stand Out!

    Since the majority of internet information is found through a search engine, ensuring that your building appears in the first few results is key. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) allows your building to immediately compete for that prize real estate at the top of the search results. However, make sure that your SEM campaign is built by an expert in the LTC community who knows how consumers looking for LTC services behave when searching online. Otherwise you will end up with a generic cookie cutter SEM program that will not deliver the desired results.
  • Older Americans Month

    It’s not too early to begin thinking about May and Older Americans Month. While public awareness is high, partner with other local organizations (religious organizations, schools, large businesses, etc.) and create a program that will project your facility/community as a caring member of the community and an expert on long-term care.

  • Out of sight is out of mind

    It’s true; out of sight is out of mind. Even your long-standing referral sources need to be reminded of the key advantages that separate your facility or community from your competition. Reinforce your points of difference and remain “top of mind” by communicating with them every month.

  • Stay Focused on Increasing Revenue

    Perhaps the most important lesson learned from this past year is the need to maintain a positive attitude and continue to focus on ways to increase referrals, admissions, revenues and profitability. For example, here are five areas you can focus on immediately:

  • Understand your competition

    Arrange for one of your staff members to call other facilities in the area, as a "mystery shopper." Use the experience of being treated as a consumer and the information gathered to better your facility and enhance your customer service.