Leadership Surveys & CMS Star Ratings

  • Hiding in plain sight

    Sometimes opportunities to increase census are “hiding in plain sight.”  For example, just having your administrator (corporate office or owner) review all denials daily, may yield insights into opportunities for changing your acceptance criteria and reducing denials. Likewise, focusing on, and tracking your
    inquiry-to-admission ratio is another census-builder that is often overlooked.

  • Don’t Confuse “Five-Star” with “All-Star”

    Regardless of your facility’s CMS Five-Star rating score, remember that the quality associated with your brand is not based on any single survey.  If you did well, be sure to leverage your rating.  But if you were less than perfect, don’t despair.  Evaluate your scores and develop a response that explains those scores in the most beneficial way.  That should include tried and true previous performance measures – community reputation, word of mouth referrals, and satisfaction surveys.

  • Focus on denied referrals

    A weekly review by senior management of all denied referrals can help build your census in three ways:

    1. Are there any refused referrals that should be accepted?  If so, clarify acceptable criteria with
      your admissions staff.

    2. Many denials for specialty care that you don't offer (e.g., bariatric) represents a market opportunity.

    3. Too many inappropriate referrals can reflect misperceptions about your building and services. 
      Clarify your image and get more referrals you can accept.

  • Focus on established measure of quality

    Regardless of your facility's score in the CMS Five-Star Rating, remember that the way key audiences judge the quality of your care and services is not based on any single assessment. If you did well, be sure to promote your rating. If you were less than perfect, focus your communications on tried and true performance measures - community reputation, word-of-mouth referrals, and resident/family satisfaction surveys.

  • Focus on satisfaction survey results

    Superior resident and family satisfaction survey results are not only a source of pride, they are valuable marketing and public relations assets. Encourage staff to mention these achievements to residents, family members, even friends in the general community. The powerful benefits of this “free” advertising cannot
    be overestimated.

  • The Four I's of Leadership

    Dynamic leadership can bring clarity, focus and great results to your marketing goals.
    Always keep the four I's in mind:

  • Understand your competition

    Arrange for one of your staff members to call other facilities in the area, as a "mystery shopper." Use the experience of being treated as a consumer and the information gathered to better your facility and enhance your customer service.

  • What is the difference between marketing and sales?

    We are often asked, “What is the difference between marketing and sales?” Here's our answer: “Marketing” is what is done (mailings, promotions, ads, etc.) to establish new relationships in your community.  “Sales” is the one-on-one personal contact that turns these relationships into new referral sources or actual admissions.