Get more inquiries and admissions from the Internet

Adults age 55+ are generally the “decision-maker” for LTC placement and are the fastest growing segment of Internet users, with over 80% using the Internet to research health and LTC information. Your website is the window to this opportunity.  Make sure it’s designed by LTC experts to communicate effectively with all LTC stakeholders… is easy to navigate, provides information about all your care services and highlights your credibility on the home page.

Get Found and Stand Out!

Since the majority of internet information is found through a search engine, ensuring that your building appears in the first few results is key. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) allows your building to immediately compete for that prize real estate at the top of the search results. However, make sure that your SEM campaign is built by an expert in the LTC community who knows how consumers looking for LTC services behave when searching online. Otherwise you will end up with a generic cookie cutter SEM program that will not deliver the desired results.

Reduce re-hospitalizations to increase Med A referrals

Reducing re-hospitalizations can increase referrals but only if referral sources know you are focused on this important issue. Keep them informed about your program’s results and you will gain a competitive advantage over other facilities for Medicare Part A referrals. The more you communicate with referral sources and keep them aware of your efforts to reduce re-hospitalizations, the better.

Focus on Reducing Re-hospitalizations

Demonstrate to hospitals and referring physicians that your building is focused on avoiding unnecessary re-hospitalization of patients within the first 30 days of their admission.  It will give you a distinct competitive advantage and can result in increased referrals.