Use Digital Marketing to Generate Inquiries, Referrals and Admissions

A recent study found that 82% of adults age 50+ who use the internet research health and wellness information online. A well designed and managed digital marketing campaign is more than just a website; it has the power to become one of your most effective and efficient ways to attract inquiries and referrals, whether for short-term rehab, specialty care or traditional long-term care.

Stay Focused on Increasing Revenue

Perhaps the most important lesson learned from this past year is the need to maintain a positive attitude and continue to focus on ways to increase referrals, admissions, revenues and profitability. For example, here are five areas you can focus on immediately:

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Track Census Drivers™ to increase revenue and profits

Careful tracking of inquiries, referrals, admissions, facility denials, discharges and length of stay will explain why your census is trending the way it is. Armed with this information you can direct your census-building activities to be more effective and efficient. HINT: Often the quickest (and easiest way) to get a big increase in census is with a small increase in the percentage of conversions to admissions.

Think outside the box for new referral sources

In today's climate, every referral counts and its important to focus on expanding your referral sources beyond hospital discharge planners and case managers. Consider establishing relationships with others who can influence a referral, such as community and religious leaders, as well as assisted and independent living communities. Expanding outreach can be done very efficiently...allowing you to do more for less!