Increase Revenue with Customer Service

Strive to achieve 100% satisfaction among short-term rehab patients and their families. The value can be measured in terms of positive word-of-mouth, customer loyalty and increased admissions.

Good customer service = Positive word of mouth about your quality of care

Many residents and family members equate excellent customer service with excellent care.  That’s why it is so important to make every interaction – even simple requests – a positive, memorable experience.  Go out of your way to make sure those you are serving are totally satisfied.  They’ll appreciate it and remember it! Most important, they’ll tell others about the wonderful care they received at your building!

Hiding in plain sight

Sometimes opportunities to increase census are “hiding in plain sight.”  For example, just having your administrator (corporate office or owner) review all denials daily, may yield insights into opportunities for changing your acceptance criteria and reducing denials. Likewise, focusing on, and tracking your
inquiry-to-admission ratio is another census-builder that is often overlooked.