Focus on building community relationships

Invite local men's and women's clubs and organizations to hold their regular meetings in your facility. This is an excellent way to build relationships with the community and generate positive word of mouth. It also provides the opportunity for any residents that may have been associated with those groups to enjoy taking part in the meetings once again.

Out of sight is out of mind

It’s true; out of sight is out of mind. Even your long-standing referral sources need to be reminded of the key advantages that separate your facility or community from your competition. Reinforce your points of difference and remain “top of mind” by communicating with them every month.

Focus on community education

Ever wonder why almost all hospitals have "education" as a major component of their public relations program? Education provides an opportunity to create credibility and establish relationships with consumers long before health care services are needed. Let’s learn from this and use this strategy to help build our own consumer relationships.

Create new referral sources from old friends

Some of your best referral sources are part of your facility’s “extended family.” Focus on building exceptional satisfaction among residents’ family members and the many short-term rehab patients that will be returning to their homes. Acts of exceptional courtesy, kindness and understanding can transform them into personal ambassadors for your facility and its services.