Make each tour experience personal

When conducting family tours, always put the loved one in the picture. For example, it’s not just a dining room you’re showcasing, it’s “where Mom will enjoy a choice of great meals every day.” Make each tour experience personal… and watch conversion rates climb.

Build Your Admissions

Less talking and more listening will fill beds. When your admissions staff meet with families of prospective residents, encourage them NOT to begin the discussion by talking about your services.  Rather, they should listen carefully in order to uncover specific needs and concerns. Then, focus directly on these issues.

Banish senior blues

The upcoming holiday season can be particularly difficult for the elderly. Help banish senior blues by making positive personal contact, starting with a warm smile. Practiced by every staff member, every day, this simple act can lift spirits, inspire confidence and speak volumes about the friendly, caring nature of your facility.

Focus on internal staff awareness

Ensure that your entire staff is aware that a family is on a tour in your building by creating an “audible alert” system that can be activated the moment your prospects arrive. A chime, page or coded voice message sent through your sound system will signal everyone to smile, make eye contact and offer a warm welcome.

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