Uniform excellence in customer service

Help ensure uniform excellence in customer service by avoiding the use of all “labels” to describe your more challenging residents and family members. Classifying them as “complainers” or “difficult to please” can create a negative attitude among staff that breeds complacency and lowers the standard of customer service.

Referral Source Task Force

Enhance relationships with referral sources and generate more referrals by organizing a Referral Source
Task Force (Administrator, DON, Admissions and Outreach). Together, regularly review current referral
sources’ performance and FOCUS on cultivating new ones. Then communicate consistently with them and develop presentation “tools” for your outreach staff to use so they can accurately and effectively deliver your
facility’s story.

Aroma Therapy

Use aromas to directly and immediately influence your visitors’ moods and impressions. Just like the wonderful smells of bakeries in supermarkets stimulate sales, a tray of freshly baked cookies or a brewing pot of coffee placed strategically in your facility can create a welcoming sense of home and belonging. You’ll find this subtle personal touch can reduce anxiety and send a strong, positive message about your environment.

Focus on long-standing referral sources

Don’t take long-standing referral sources for granted. Update these professionals regularly, so that awareness of your organization, services and your points of difference with your competition remain “top of mind.” Maintaining strong relationships is no less important than cultivating new ones. Both are critical to building admissions and census.