Communicate your scope of services

Don’t assume that your referral sources fully understand the scope of services you provide. Communicate with these professionals regularly. Tell them about your capabilities and how your services differ from the senior care providers "down the block".

Why recommend your organization?

Word of mouth remains a powerful source of referrals for your organization. Want to know the top three reasons why a family member will recommend your organization to a family member or friend:

  • Confidence that staff is providing all the assistance and care needed for their loved one.
  • Staff's ability to keep their loved one safe.
  • Perception of a "well-run" organization.

The importance of attitude and behavior

Train all of your staff members to be courteous, friendly and helpful. Constantly reinforce the importance of attitude and behavior. It’s a proven way to raise overall satisfaction levels of residents, patients and families alike. That, in turn, results in increased word of mouth referrals.

A 24/7 admissions and discharge policy

Today, a 24/7 admissions and discharge policy is an important way to demonstrate your commitment to providing outstanding care and customer service. Appreciated by referral sources, their patients and family members, it’s a policy that will help you to attract more referrals and more admissions.