Experts in senior care

Enhance your credibility by positioning your community or facility as experts in senior care. Share your knowledge with the public via special initiatives and programs that put your materials in their hands. Use education as a means to build awareness and bring both your residents' family members and the public to you.

A pleasant hello goes a long way

In addition to a friendly smile, whenever staff encounters a family touring or visiting the facility, whether there is an opportunity to engage in conversation or just in passing, staff should always maintain eye contact. Focusing a friendly gaze (not an intense stare) and a pleasant “hello” creates the sense that you are paying attention and that you genuinely enjoy having visitors in the building (especially with the holidays approaching).

Communicate a positive attitude

Sales activities are one-to-one personal contacts that help turn relationships into new referrals and actual admissions.  Here’s one such activity that can be practiced by virtually every member of your staff literally every day; smile. A natural, warm smile is truly a welcome mat to your facility; It says, “I’m approachable.” It also communicates a positive attitude, inspires confidence, and wins friends instantly.

What is the difference between marketing and sales?

We are often asked, “What is the difference between marketing and sales?” Here's our answer: “Marketing” is what is done (mailings, promotions, ads, etc.) to establish new relationships in your community.  “Sales” is the one-on-one personal contact that turns these relationships into new referral sources or actual admissions.