Focus on length of stay (LOS)

Keeping our sights on the Medicare opportunity again this month, LOS (length of stay) can be critical to maintaining census, revenue and profitability goals. Are you tracking the LOS of your short-term rehab admissions? Adding just one day to an average census for 10 rehab patients a month will increase revenue significantly.

Establish relationships with sons and daughters

Let’s face it, long-term care is not a “hot” topic with the average consumer. To establish relationships with sons and daughters before mom and dad need your services, you need to “think outside the box.” Special caregiver support programs and intergenerational education partnerships with local schools are just two strategies that we use successfully.

Older Americans Month

It’s not too early to begin thinking about May and Older Americans Month. While public awareness is high, partner with other local organizations (religious organizations, schools, large businesses, etc.) and create a program that will project your facility/community as a caring member of the community and an expert on long-term care.

Focus on staff interaction

The secret to resident and staff satisfaction is relationships. Encourage every staff member to learn at least one fact about the lives of each of the residents that they interact with on a daily basis. The more you know about someone the more likely you are to treat them like you would a friend or family member.